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Explore Our Reports and Shape Your Needs

Below you will find detailed monthly reports that give insights into the operations of the Enterprise Translations Office (ETO). These reports will help you analyze key metrics and gain invaluable insights into service usage trends. Together, let's navigate towards efficient and effective translation services for everyone.

Here's what you'll find:

  • Comprehensive Data: Track the volume of translations requested by various departments and agencies, identifying trends, and potential areas for improvement.
  • Clear Analysis: Uncover valuable insights from our monthly reports, including feedback, patterns of utilization, and potential improvement opportunities.
  • Future Visibility: Explore our projections for upcoming months, allowing you to anticipate your translation needs and ensure seamless communication across departments.

The ETO is committed to fostering collaboration and understanding. Use these reports to inform your communication needs, identify potential bottlenecks, and work with us to create a streamlined, efficient translation system.

Access our Reports

Note that the ETO launched its services in December 2023

Download the latest reports in PDF format:

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