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Sustainable State Contracts

The Department of Administration works with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to develop contract specifications that directly reduce the adverse environmental impacts of State purchased goods and services. State contracts are available to public entities in Minnesota. Certain non-profits are also eligible to purchase off of State contracts.

Read more about  Minnesota's Cooperative Purchasing Venture (CPV) online to learn about accessing state contracts. 


Contracts in development

MPCA and the Dept. of Administration are continuously working to identify new opportunities for sustainable contracting. Here is a brief update on what we are currently working on:

Waste and Recycling Services: MN State Agencies/CPV 

We are very excited to announce that the State Waste and Recycle hauling contract has been posted. If you are a bidder, you can use THIS LINK and search for reference number 26388. Bids close May 25th. 
This contract will have many sustainable elements, including but not limited to:
  1. Opportunities for agency/building waste audit
  2. Preference for low emission fleets
  3. All waste will be weighed or estimated for agency reporting
  4. Preference for accepting organics
  5. Preference for automated reporting to Re-TRAC
  6. Preference for accepting more recycling streams
  7. Assistance for facilities managers in choosing right sized receptacles
  8. And much, much more

Solar PV Design and Installation

Description: "The State of Minnesota is seeking to establish Statewide master contracts for the design and installation of fixed tilt ground mount, pitched-roof, and flat rooftop (low sloped roof) photovoltaic (PV) installations on behalf of Minnesota State agencies and CPV members. Individual projects may include energy storage and may be behind the meter or interconnected for net metering. The State reserves the right to ask for financing options at the project level, however, any renewable energy credits (RECs) must remain the property of the State agency or CPV member. Systems within the scope of this RFP may include PV parking lot canopies."

          Currently, we are evaluating responses to the master contract RFP. 
          Interested in pursuing solar and you are/could be a CPV member? Check out the project Solar Possible!

Contracts currently available

For more information on contracts available, please go to MPCA's website on State Contracts:
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