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Safety Training

Training Resources

Admin Risk Management has an extensive library of training videos and CDs available to all state agencies covered by the State Workers' Compensation program.

Employee safety training continues to be a challenge for both management and employees. Many safety standards today require initial and annual refresher training for employees. Traditional training techniques such as classroom lecture are direct but do not check for actual comprehension of the material by the attendees. Computer-based interactive safety training provides a multimedia learning environment with a pace set by the learner. While, this interactive safety training is an additional tool for safety training, it should not be viewed as a complete replacement for other training techniques.

Much of the coursework provided by Admin Risk Management requires that the learner complete the course with 100 percent understanding of the content as verified through test questions. When a question is answered incorrectly, the course takes the learner back to the corresponding section for review and then tests again for comprehension. The support software also performs record-keeping functions, offering individuals responsible for training an easy means to track agency training requirements.

Safety and Loss Control - Training Library

To request a training item contact safety and loss control staff in Admin Risk Management and use the training request form (PDF).


Back Safety

  • Back in Step (DVD and VHS)
  • Good Back, Bad Back (VHS)

Defensive Driving

  • Defensive Driving: I Could See It Coming (VHS)


  • START - Supervisor Safety Training (VHS)
  • Safety Accountability with Dan Peterson (VHS)
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