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Resources and Links

Minnesota Resources 

Resources for State and Local Government Agencies

At the Office of Collaboration and Dispute Resolution we are one of several organizations in state government that can be a resource to public sector agencies. Visit the websites listed below to learn more. 

  • Enterprise Talent Development
    Enterprise Talent Development's (ETD) mission is to help build skills, cultivate careers and develop leaders with Minnesota's government employees. 
  • MAD Consultants
    Management Analysis and Development (MAD) offers fee-for-service organizational planning and problem-solving, analysis, meeting design, and facilitation. 
  • Organizational Health Services
    The Employee Assistance Program's (EAP) Organizational Health team helps when employee behaviors or emotions affect the workplace.
  • Minnesota Office of Continuous Improvement
    The Minnesota Office of Continuous Improvement is the State's central office for Continuous Improvement, providing free services including: problem solving project resources for state agencies and training to all public sector staff. 

National Organizations & Networks

Principles & Standards

Finding a Neutral

Minnesota Statewide ADR-Rule 114 Neutrals Roster 

Becoming a Neutral

Minnesota Courts Alternative Dispute Resolution

Resource Materials

Minnesota Dispute Resolution Programs

Minnesota Dispute Resolution Statutes and Rules

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