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Community Dispute Resolution Program Grants

OCDR administers a biennial grant program to nonprofit organizations that provide free and low cost mediation and other dispute resolution services in their communities. To qualify, the organization must be certified by the Minnesota Supreme Court, having demonstrated a commitment to abide by Minnesota Statute 494 and its operational guidelines which ensures high quality mediation services. The total amount of the annual award is $160,000.

In 2020, these funded organizations provided conflict resolution services to more than 7,000 Minnesotans in the middle of neighbor, family, school, housing and many other types of disputes.

The FY24-25 CDRP Grant Application will open Feb. 3, 2023. For information about this opportunity, contact Jessica Shryack.
Would you like to be a reviewer for the FY24-25 grant cycle? Contact Jessica Shryack for more information.

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Grant Review Committee

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