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About OCDR


The Minnesota State Office of Dispute Resolution was founded in 1985 to promote the use of means other than litigation for resolving disputes affecting the public interest.  OCDR programs have included management of the Minnesota Special Education Mediation Service for the Department of Education, administration of a Department of Human Rights mediation program, a workplace mediation program, and more.

Now the Minnesota State Office of Collaboration and Dispute Resolution, its mission has expanded to include a broad array of collaborative processes.  Nearly 20 states have or have had public or publicly supported offices to provide these services, as well as over 60 university-based programs.


OCDR was established to provide effective forums for collaborative problem solving, public decision-making and community involvement on contentious public issues and to build capacity within public agencies.

Serving as a statewide catalyst to advance:

  • Sustainable resolution of matters of public interest
  • Effective collaboration and dispute resolution in state and local government
  • Broad use of community mediation throughout Minnesota
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