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Take some time to check out our newly offered program, brought to you by the Admin Wellness Committee and Garden Fresh Farms!


Full Court Challenge

Employee Activity

Monday, March 19 – Tuesday, April 17
(30 Day Challenge)

Theme: Takes advantage of the March Madness basketball tournament excitement, inspiring you to step to the line and improve physical activity and nutrition using simple, easy-to-remember habits.  Full Court Wellness makes good health rewarding and fun, everyone wins!

Goal(s): Players score points for each day you complete physical activity, increase water intake, or both!  You also score bonus points weekly for creating and completing a “Game Plan” for the week.  Once again, special characters will be used and this time it will be basketball themed!  You can earn points in three different categories and they are the following:

#1: Workout 900Physical activity for 900 minutes

This challenge invites you to be physically active for 900 minutes in 30 days (average of 30 min/day).  You can do any type of physical activity you want.  Go for a jog.  Take a walk.  Do some strength training.  Play a sport.  Try a group fitness class.  Go to a yoga class.  Just do something active that uses energy! 

#2: Go H2O – Choose water

This part of the challenge invites you to increase your water intake over the next 30 days.  You’ll start with a goal of four cups of water per day (32 oz.) and work your way up to eight cups (64 oz.).  Drinking water is the best way to hydrate your body.  Did you know that drinking water can help you lose weight?  When you are properly hydrated, you feel hungry less often.  Always keep water close by and drink away!

Bonus Points: Game PlanPlan your week

This part of the challenge invites you to create and complete a “Game Plan” each week detailing your physical activity and water intake plan.  You will create a plan with a goal of completing it each week for the 30 days.  Submitting this plan at the beginning and end of each week will earn you bonus points. Having a set routine will contribute tremendously to you sticking to your plan!


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