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SkillSoft Computer-Based Online Training

Several libraries of online, computer-based training are available to state employees through SkillSoft.

SkillSoft has been awarded Contract S-901(5) to provide online training opportunities via individual training licenses. Licenses can be purchased to access SkillSoft training libraries. The price of a particular license depends on the library of courses chosen; however, most licenses are about $99.

Orders are to be placed directly with the Contract Vendor using a contract release order (CRO) or a blanket purchase order (BPC). The staff person ordering should include his or her name and their phone number as well as the names of the employees requesting the license. Orders may be submitted via fax directly to Matt Pruett.

To review the courses offered, check out the SkillSoft Course Catalog!

Skillsoft Contact 

Matt Pruett 

Phone: 636-561-6080 

Fax: 603-324-3009 

Vendor Information


107 Northeastern Blvd. 

Nashia, NH 03062  

Vendor #: 200271820 00

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