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Our office's DEMOGRAPH1C DAY CAMP is an intensive, hands-on, one-day training about understanding available Census data, accessing the statistics you need using American FactFinder and other free tools, and becoming a smart user of demographic and related data--in a fun and unintimidating way. We designed this training based on the questions we receive from users all year long. Planners, researchers, students, grant-writers, advocates, marketers, and reporters have attended our Camp and found it valuable to their work.

Upcoming Camp:

  • At this time, there are no camps scheduled for 2017. You may wish to subscribe to our e-newsletter, where we would advertise any future camps or other training opportunities.


Time: 9 am - 4 pm. (One hour available for lunch).
Price: $225 per participant.
Size: Space is limited for each session, so register early! Low student-to-instructor ratio.
Please Note Location: Centennial Office Building, Columbine Room, Ground Level, 658 Cedar Street, St. Paul, MN 55155.
Questions: Please contact us at with any questions.

At DEM0GRAPH1C DAY CAMP, you will:
+ dive deep into census data
+ consult with experts about your needs
+ equip yourself with new skills
+ prepare to dazzle your coworkers
+ gain insights that lead to influence

Here's what attendees of our Camp had to say about it:
I appreciate the time you took putting this together and helping people become better stewards of data. Presenters spoke very eloquently and provided some good examples and visuals.
You were all fabulous! This was the best, most useful single day training I've taken in years. Thanks for refilling my tool box!

Very helpful overall. Nice way to make a personal connection with staff.

I am glad I attended. Great training, folks!


Part 1: The Census data world

The U.S. Census Bureau creates a number of datasets that provide a wealth of information on countless topics, including age, race, income, poverty, employment, immigration, transportation and housing. You'll get an overview of the Census data world including tips for understanding and using the data from the:

+ Decennial Census
+ American Community Survey
+ Population Estimates, and more

MSDC staff will provide tips for how to compare datasets over time, when to use which dataset, multiple ways of examining race and cultural groups, and more.

Part 2: Accessing data in American FactFinder

The Census Bureau's American FactFinder (AFF) is the main portal for accessing census data. This tool is incredibly powerful, but it's not always easy finding what you are looking for. A series of exercises led by SDC staff will show you how to drill through tens of thousands of tables to find and download exactly what you need in American FactFinder, saving you time and frustration.

Part 3: Some things you've forgotten (or never learned) about statistics

American Community Survey data (like all surveys) has margins of error that result from sampling. Learn how to make careful conclusions by being mindful of sampling error, combine data and generate a new margin of error, and change your level of confidence. We'll make the math friendlier and help you understand how important error margins are so that you can make smart statements about the data. If this sounds scary - don't worry. We're here to help.

Part 4: Some other nifty tools

We'll also introduce you to other free data and mapping tools from the Census Bureau and several others--to expedite your data searches and make your work easier.

In addition, there will be time for you to work with SDC staff on additional questions or issues you may have.

Please contact us at with any additional questions.
For State Employees Only:

You will be invoiced for the registration fee after you attend Demographic Day Camp. If you wish to create a purchase order, please refer to the following vendor number:
Admin Demography
Vendor Number = G020000000
Location = 018
Address = 19
Note: You do not need to send us a purchase order, as you will be invoiced in SWIFT.
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