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Census 2020: Countdown to the Count

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The founding fathers inscribed a full count of the population into the Constitution of the United States. Consequently, the Census Bureau has counted every resident in the U.S. every ten years, beginning in 1790.

In previous censuses, the majority of households returned their census forms by mail; census workers walking neighborhoods throughout the United States counted the remaining households. The upcoming Census also plans to add an online response form to use modern and cost-efficient methods to count everyone once and in the right place.  

Full participation in the upcoming 2020 Census will provide our communities vital information about who we are and what we need. It will take all of us coming together to ensure every Minnesotan counts.

Why It's Important

The data that will be collected by the 2020 census are critical for states, counties, and communities.

Census Timeline

Activities for Census 2020 are already starting as we get prepared for Census Day: April 1, 2020.

Census FAQs

Answers to common questions about the decennial census from the U.S. Census Bureau.

How To Get Involved

Learn what you can do to get involved with Census 2020 as an individual, municipality, or community group.

The LUCA Program

The Local Update of Census Addresses (LUCA) program is the only chance for municipalities to ensure that every residence in their jurisdiction is included.

Complete Count

Complete Count Committees will form a team to lead their community in the promotion of a 2020 Census awareness campaign.

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