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Problem Solving

Course Overview

Are you ready for a few more tools beyond the basic Intro to CI course? One of the most difficult parts of process improvement is identifying the actual problem to fix. Problem Solving teaches participants a non-blaming method and set of tools to identify and solve small to large-scale process problems at their source.

Course Objectives

  • Enhance your ability to identify and understand problems
  • Learn steps and tools to help identify and solve root causes of problems
  • Incorporate problem solving into your daily work
  • Build your skills with CI tools

Course Materials

All course materials may be found by visiting the CI Resource Library.



Training Length

Approximately three and a half hours.


There is no cost for public sector employees to attend this training.

For more information and to register

Course details and registration are available on the State of Minnesota's Enterprise Learning Management (ELM) system, accessible within the Employee Self Service Portal. For information on accessing ELM and registering for courses, see our Registration page.
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