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Results Overview

The Minnesota Office of Continuous Improvement (CI) measures its performance by tracking how much CI principles are embraced and used in Minnesota government. This is captured through two primary metrics: attendance in CI training programs, and completion of CI projects and events. An overview of these results can be seen in the sections below.

When Minnesota government employees learn, embrace and apply CI principles, it leads to better government and improved outcomes. These specific improvements and reforms are tracked and reported at an individual organizational level. Examples of the types of improvement CI is making possible can be seen on the Success Stories, Governor's Awards, Agency Results, and Projects and Events pages.

Training Participants

The data below shows training activity since 2007:

Project Results

Currently, state agencies each manage their own portfolio of CI projects. However, the Minnesota Office of CI maintains summary metrics and statistics across Minnesota government. Many of these projects count upon coordination, facilitation or other assistance from staff in the Office of CI. The data below shows cumulative project totals reported to our office each fiscal year and project totals compared across agencies:

Additional Results Data

The information above provides a snapshot of how we measure CI performance in Minnesota. Complete results information and additional details concerning CI activities is available on the Office of CI SharePoint site, accessible at

Please note: Access to this SharePoint is restricted. You must receive permission prior to using the site. Contact Cathy Beil, Improvement Data Coordinator, at 651-201-2564 for assistance and more information.

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