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Guiding Principles

Architectural Integrity. Building Functionality. Life Safety.

The Minnesota State Capitol Restoration Project is governed by three guiding principles established by the Minnesota State Capitol Preservation Commission. The principles focus on architectural integrity, building functionality, and life safety and security. They help frame all decisions made throughout the planning, design and construction processes.

Guiding Principles ... Lead all Work and Decision Making
Capitol Dome
Architectural Integrity
  • Preserve and restore the essential design elements of both the interior details and exterior stone.
  • Be true to Cass Gilbert's vision in 1905 of a functional and open building.
Capitol meeting room
Building Functionality
  • Ensure the Capitol continues to effectively serve government functions for the next 100 years
School Bus Life Safety
  • Ensure accessibility for all Minnesotans and other visitors
  • Upgrade the Capitol to current safety codes
  • Provide a secure infrastructure to support and complement our tradition of an open and public capitol.
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