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About the Project

The Minnesota State Capitol Restoration Project is a $309.674 million, three plus-years restoration, renovation and repair initiative.


After more than a century of use, the Capitol building had reached a critical deterioration point:

  • Crumbling exterior marble and stone
  • Life-safety concerns
  • Antiquated mechanical, electric and plumbing systems
  • Inefficient and cumbersome spaces for the public

Construction began in fall 2013 and will end in 2017. 

This is the first comprehensive preservation of the Capitol building since its original construction in 1905. When completed, this historic project will prepare our Capitol for the next 100 years.

Guiding Principles

The Minnesota State Capitol Restoration Project is governed by three guiding principles that lead all decision making.

The Winding Road to Restoration

Before this latest initiative, there were more than 30 years of pre-designs and studies on restoring the Capitol.

Overview of Restoration Tasks

Learn about the Capitol Restoration Project's four-phase plan and the major repairs, restoration and renovation underway.

Future Occupancy Floor Plans

See how each floor of the Minnesota State Capitol will be configured for occupancy once the Restoration Project is complete.

Minnesota State Capitol Preservation Commission

See meeting agendas, minutes, presentations, budgets, correspondence and key documents generated by the State Capitol Preservation Committee, architects and construction firms.

Project Team

See a list of the management, design, and construction teams who are working collaboratively to restore the Capitol to the State of Minnesota.

For Educators

Bring the history of the 1905 Capitol construction or the present-day restoration project to your classroom! See resources about the original Capitol builders, their jobs and their communities (1896-1907) and present-day documents!

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