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When our Minnesota State Capitol opened in 1905, it was heralded as one of America's great modern structures, evoking pride from all Minnesotans. To this day, it remains a premier example of architect Cass Gilbert's world-renowned contributions to art and architecture. However, the past 100 years had taken their toll, with our esteemed Capitol needing repair and renovation. Exterior marble was crumbling, pipes were rusting, paint was chipping and peeling, and both architectural designs and public access were marred by makeshift repairs.

And so, in 2012, we came together as Minnesotans to do the right thing and restore the State Capitol. Now, after three decades of planning, nearly four years of construction, and countless hours of hard work, the Capitol has been restored to its original grandeur. The restoration extends the Capitol's useful life for another century, and accommodates modern safety and functional needs.

Restoration Highlights

Here are some highlights of how the restoration project has ensured that our State Capitol is, now more than ever, "The People's House:"

  • Public space doubled to nearly 40,000 square feet 
  • New meeting rooms and event spaces opened for the public to use year round 
  • Increased public seating added in hearing rooms
  • Expanded dining options, including a second floor lunch counter
  • Men’s and women’s restrooms now available on every floor
  • Improved accessibility features to ensure all Minnesotans can move about the Capitol
  • New Information Center and classroom for student tour groups

Read more on the State Capitol Restoration Project website

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