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Employee Testing (Policy 1446)

Fulgent Genetics, Maverick Health, Primary Health and Vault Health were selected for State of Minnesota employee testing. Contract templates are available below along with instructions. These templates may be helpful to CPVs in need of employee testing. CPVs should feel free to reach out to the vendors and use the templates for contracting.

  1. Choose your vendor and their template contract. Reach out to the vendor to start a conversation. You will want to make sure to establish an ordering/invoicing process that works for your needs. Most vendors will want to ship on a regular basis rather than all at once. Some may bill once the tests are received, others may bill when the test is processed.
  2. Fill out the top of the contract with your agency information.
  3. Fill out Exhibit A, which is essentially an order form and follow the instructions. Pricing is built into the order form. Do not forget to add invoicing/ordering information.
  4. Send a draft to the vendor (and if you need information that is lacking ask for it at this time, and reach out for negotiations helps if you need it).
  5. Once you and the vendor are in agreement, route to OSP for signature.

Fulgent Genetics

Maverick Health

Primary Health

Vault Health

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