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Program Documents

Engagement Request: Preliminary document that describes the entity’s needs. This document will eventually go to vendors under contract for them to respond to the request. The entity in need of services fills this out and sends to OSP at with subject line “Engagement Request.” OSP will respond in 1-2 days unless a more urgent response is requested.

Work Order Certification: State agencies need to fill out and sign this internal form. This is a document that certifies compliance with P/T statutes. It also provides necessary information about the work order contract such as a description of services, length of the contract and it should list any proposed

Work Order Contract: Document outlining the scope of work, time for work to be completed, and the total cost obligation for the work. The entity should start drafting this document but may reach out to OSP if assistance is needed. The services requested in the Work Order Contract should closely resemble the Scope of Work outlined in the Master Contract. A Standard Work Order Contract is used for pop-up sites, semi-permanent sites and standalone lab processing. A Non-Standard Work Order is used for bulk-order tests and at-home tests.

Master Contract: Each vendor has a signed Master Contract with the State. The Master Contract contains umbrella terms and conditions and a non-specific Scope of Work.

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