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Apply for a License

License Forms

Minnesota requires that all archaeological work conducted on non-federal, public property be licensed, including state parks and forests, road rights of way, and local government land.


There are seven types of archaeological licenses in Minnesota. All licenses are issued on a per-project or per-site basis.

  1. Phase I: Reconnaissance survey License (issued per project).2022_Phase 1 License
  2. Phase II: Evaluation License (issued per site) 2022_Phase 2 License
  3. Phase III: Data Recovery License(issued per site) 2022_Phase 3 License
  4.  Burial Assessment/Authentication License (issues on non-federal public land, per site) Burial Assessment_License
  5. License for Monitoring Construction: Usually associated with a burial or cemetery site (issued per site) 2022_Monitoring_License
  6. Emergency License (issued on an emergency basis): Please contact the OSA for information related to this type of license at  
  7. Education/Research/ Public Outreach License (issued for archeological investigations that fall outside development-driven projects): Please contact the OSA for information related to this type of license at


Please use this following file regarding Shapefiles: Reporting Shapefiles (ZIP).Do not change the templates, including adding columns or re-arranging columns

Sample Forms, Resources, and First Time Applicants

In addition to the licenses, you can also access a sample Phase I license applications, sample first-time applicant resume, and first-time qualifications review form:

Treatment Request Form

If you have a licensed project and would like to request permission for further analysis or treatment, please use the “Treatment Request for MN License” form


  • Fill out all sections of the form completely
  • Attach a research design for Phase II, Phase III, and Burial Authentication projects.
    • application form
    • maps
    • associated documentation, as necessary (e.g. Research Design).
  • Submit the completed form to
    • Some email systems require that you capitalize the “ADM” in the email address

If you have questions or concerns regarding the license applications please contact us at

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