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Licenses and Manuals

The Office of the State Archaeologist oversees all archaeological work conducted on public property within the state of Minnesota. Professional Archaeologists must receive an appropriate license for each phase of a proposed archaeological survey.

Licenses are approved by the state archaeologist on the basis of the listed qualifications as well as continued adherence to the curation agreements. Archaeologists practicing in the state of Minnesota must follow expectations outlined in the State Archaeologist's Manual for Archaeological Projects in Minnesota.

License Types

Information about the four archaeological license types in the state of Minnesota.

Apply for a License

Apply for Minnesota archaeological licenses.


The listed qualifications that must be met as determined by the state archaeologist in order to receive an archaeological license for the state of Minnesota.

Curation Agreements

In addition to obtaining licenses, professional archaeologists must adhere to a strict set of agreements in order to proceed with archaeological survey.

Survey Manual

Access the State Archaeologist's survey manual.


In order to obtain a license, licensees must be current on and meet certain reporting requirements. 

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