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Minnesota Archaeology Week

Minnesota Archaeology Week is an annual event intended to celebrate and promote the archaeological understanding of Minnesota's past. Archaeology Week events are held all over the state, each promoting interest in archaeology and an appreciation of the state's diverse cultural heritage.

About Archaeology Week

The first Minnesota Archaeology Week was held in 1995. The Office of the State Archaeologist (OSA) has served as the main organizer and sponsor of Archaeology Week since 1998. Additional sponsorship support comes from the Minnesota Historical Society, the Minnesota Archaeological Society, the Council for Minnesota Archaeology, the State Historic Preservation Office, and a number of local state parks, museums, historical societies, colleges, and others.

Other states have similar programs, though many states now have an Archaeology Month. While Archaeology Week used to be held in the spring, the event was moved to the fall in 2012 to be more compatible with both secondary and post-secondary school schedules.

OSA sets the dates, calls for events, publicizes activities, produces informational materials, including a calendar of events and poster. OSA also co-sponsors the Fort Snelling Archaeology Fair, chooses the Elden Johnson Memorial Lecture speaker, and participates in various activities.

Archaeology Week 2016

Minnesota Archaeology Week 2016 kicks-off soon! Beginning September 10th and running though the 18th, this week long event focuses on the archaeological sights and artifacts found across our great state. Check out the link below for a list of events from around the state!

Minnesota Archaeology Fair at Fort Snelling State Park

Each year during Minnesota Archaeology Week, the Minnesota Archaeology Fair is held at Fort Snelling State Park. This two-day event has been held since 2004 and includes a number of hands-on activities that put archaeology into action. The 2015 Minnesota Archaeology Fair was held on Saturday, Sept. 12 and Sunday, Sept. 13 and included pottery-making, shaping of prehistoric stone tools, tossing of atlatls (spear-throwers), and more.

2016 Minnesota Archaeology Fair

More information about the 13th Annual Minnesota Archaeology Fair is coming soon.

The event is free and open to the public, but a Minnesota State Park permit is needed to enter the State Park. Contact Patricia Emerson at 612-725-2410 or for more details.

Archaeology Day at Kathio State Park

Over the past several years, Kathio State Park and the Minnesota Archaeological Society have sponsored an Archaeology Day at Kathio Park on Lake Mille Lacs. It is usually held on a Saturday in late September, during Archaeology Week or shortly before or after. Archaeology Day at Kathio typically features artifact displays, flint-knapping demonstrations, fur trade era exhibits, and a small-scale excavation of an important site.

Kathio State Park contains some of the most important archaeological sites in Minnesota. Archaeologists working in the park have studied the origins of wild rice production, the use of copper tools, and initial Dakota - European interaction.

2016 Archaeology Day

More information about this year's Archaeology Day is coming soon.

The event is free and open to the public, but a Minnesota State Park permit is needed to enter the State Park. Contact park staff at 320-532-3523 or 320-532-3269 for more details.

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