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With our video library, you can watch and learn about the 2020 Census, on a screen big or small. Start watching by clicking on the video thumbnails below.

Census 101: Get Your Civics On!

Why should I fill out the Census? What good will it do me or my community? Answers here. (6:02)

Census 102: Confidentiality in Our Bones

The nuts and bolts of the Census. How it’s done and what is used can be found right here. (4:12)

How Confidential Is the Census?

How do I know my personal information safe? Who has access to it? Get your answers here. (2:00)

Minnesota Could Be a Big Loser in 2020

Minnesota is on the verge of losing Representation in the US Congress. (2:00)

Address Canvassing

Learn about Census address canvassing from St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter and Councilmember Mitra Jalali Nelson (1:41)

Census Day!

Get ready for Census Day 2020! (1:30)

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