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What is the Census?

The framers of the United States Constitution inscribed a full count of the population as one of the founding principles of our nation (Article I, Section 2). As a result, the Census Bureau has counted every resident in the U.S. every ten years, beginning in 1790.

In previous censuses, the majority of households returned their census forms by mail; census workers walked neighborhoods throughout the United States to count the remaining households. The upcoming 2020 Census will add an online response form, using modern and cost-efficient methods to ensure everyone is counted once and in the right place.

2020 US Census Logo (small)Full participation in the upcoming 2020 Census -- making sure everyone is counted -- will provide our communities with vital information about who we are and what we need. All of us must come together to ensure every Minnesotan counts. 

For more information on the importance of the Census, check out our page outlining why it matters to you. For more information on when and how you can expect to participate, refer to our primer on rollout plans for the census. You can also check out to learn a lot more about the census directly from the U.S. Census Bureau.

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