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Questionnaire Assistance Centers

Questionnaire Assistance Centers are predetermined locations where individuals can fill-out their 2020 Census online and receive assistance from trained staff, if needed. The Minnesota State Demographic Center is collaborating with Minnesota Public Libraries, statewide Complete Count Committees, and other 2020 Census partners to create a network across the state that can provide Minnesotans with the resources and assistance they need to submit their 2020 Census form.

Questionnaire Assistance Center Training and Informational Videos


Submit your entity’s interest in serving as a Questionnaire Assistance Centers for the 2020 Census using the Minnesota State Demographic Center’s Registration Form.

Locate Your Nearest Center

If you have trouble using the DataGrid application, you may download this SCV file and open it up in your preferred spreadsheet application.

Requirements for a Questionnaire Assistance Center

  • Officially lodge your entity’s interest in serving though the Minnesota State Demographic Center’s Registration Form.

  • Have all volunteers complete the training requirement by either:
    • Watching the QAC training video, which the Minnesota State Demographic Center will distribute to all registered QACs or;
    • Attending an in-person training session. The times, dates, locations, and registration information for those session can be found at the bottom of this page.

  • Set aside and prepare a dedicated space where individuals will be able to access the internet and complete their 2020 Census.

  • Prior to March 1, 2020, provide the Minnesota State Demographic Center with the following information:
    • The dates you will be open for assistance.
    • Hours that you will be open assistance.
    • The languages that will be available for translation.
    • Whether or not you will offer any special accommodations for individuals with disabilities. If so, please specify the nature of those accommodations.

Fill Out Your 2020 Census

Once available, a link to the website where you can fill out your 2020 Census will be posted here.

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