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Higher education institutions

Young adults, especially highly mobile college students, can be very difficult to accurately count on the census. Higher education institutions have been critical partners in spreading knowledge of the census on their campuses. 

If you are part of a higher education institution, here are a series of resources to help you engage your community, including these handouts from the U.S. Census Bureau:

  • "Census 101"
  • "Census FAQ"
  • "How the Census Invites Everyone to Respond"
  • "Census 2020 at a Glance"
  • "Your Guide to the 2020 Census"
  • "Why We Ask" question explainer
  • Off campus student outreach half-pager
The toolkit will also include:
  • We Count Minnesota logos
  • "Census 2020 #DisabilityCounts2020" postcard
  • "Census 2020 #DisabilityCounts2020" mini-card
  • We Count Minnesota printable bookmark design
Download the complete kit here.
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