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Faith-based organizations

For those Minnesotans involved in a faith community, hearing about the 2020 Census from their faith leaders can be powerful. Faith communities and leaders are trusted partners for information and can make all the difference in getting an accurate count of the state.

If you are part of a faith community, here is a series of resources to help you engage your fellow worshipers, including these handouts from the U.S. Census Bureau:

  • "Census 101"
  • "Census FAQ"
  • "How the Census Invites Everyone to Respond"
  • "Census 2020 at a Glance"
  • "Why We Ask" question explainer
  • "Faith Community Partner" factsheet
The toolkit will also include:
  • We Count Minnesota logos
  • "Census 2020 #DisabilityCounts2020" mini-card
  • State Demographic Center's "Counting for Dollars" handout
  • State Demographic Center's census job recruitment flyer
Download the complete kit here.
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