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How You Can Help

When it comes to the 2020 census, every person counts, and so does every contribution. There are countless ways anyone can help Minnesota reach a complete and accurate count. Here are a few to get started:

  1. Commit to be counted in 2020! Pledge here to complete your census form and receive future updates on census efforts. 
  2. If you are part of an organization that wants to help promote a fair and accurate census count, submit your information here.
  3. Follow Minnesota 2020 Census on Facebook and Twitter and share our posts. Use the #WeCountMN tag to connect with others working for a complete count.
  4. Link the and/or the websites in your email signature and encourage friends, family and coworkers to do the same.
  5. Find and join your closest Complete Count Committee (CCC) here. A CCC is a volunteer committee established by tribal, state, and local governments or community leaders and organizations to increase awareness about the 2020 Census.
  6. Put up a factsheet, flyer, or poster in your favorite community space. Visit our document library to select and print promotional materials you think your community could learn from the most. There are documents available in four languages.
  7. Live in an apartment or multi-family housing? The most undercounted groups in Minnesota are renters and those living in multi-family housing. Promote the census within your building to ensure all your neighbors are counted. 

Toolkits for:

Complete Count Committees (CCCs)

More than 260 Complete Count Committees (CCCs) are hard at work throughout Minnesota to promote a complete and accurate count.

K-12 educators and administrators

Schools throughout Minnesota are essential partners in the spread of 2020 Census awareness.

Higher education institutions

Young adults, especially highly mobile college students, can be very difficult to accurately count on the census.

Faith-based organizations

For those Minnesotans involved in a faith community, hearing about the 2020 Census from their faith leaders can be powerful.

Business leaders

Businesses big and small have a great role to play in 2020 Census efforts.

Renters and property managers

People who rent are the most undercounted population block in Minnesota, especially those residing in apartment buildings.


Libraries across the state have been critical parters in spreading the word about the 2020 Census. If your library wants to join the effort, this toolkit can help you get started. Here is what it includes:

Nonprofit organizations

The Minnesota Census Mobilization Partnership is a cross-sector collaboration of organizations and individuals working together for a fully inclusive, honest, and accurate 2020 Census in Minnesota.

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