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Start a CCC

Want to start a Complete Count Committee (CCC) in your community? Here's your playbook. 

What is Complete Count Committee?

A CCC is a volunteer committee established by tribal, state, and local governments and community leaders or organizations to increase awareness and motivate residents to respond to the 2020 Census. CCC’s serve as state and local “census ambassador” groups that play an integral part in ensuring a complete and accurate count in Minnesota. 

Who can start a Complete Count Committee?

The three types of CCC’s are: tribal, state and local (regional, county, city, or town), and community. For example, your neighborhood association or local place of worship could form and start a CCC. 

Steps to forming a Complete Count Committee: 

  1. Draft a letter on your letterhead, signed by the (highest person in your group or organization) indicating that your group or organization will partner with the U.S. Census for an accurate, efficient, and cost-effective Census count in 2020.
  2. In your letter please indicate your willingness to partner by creating a Complete Count Committee, appointing a liaison (providing contact info), assisting in recruiting applicants for Census Jobs by sharing the flyers and application link, etc., and by sharing general Census info. 
  3. Make the letter personal, think about why a complete count is important to you and your community.
  4. Email CCC letter on official letterhead to and

*Please see example letter for additional instructions.

Chart showing the relationship between a CCC Chariperson below their Mayor or County Board Chair with various subcommittees under the CCC Chairperson. 

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