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Complete Count Committees

Complete Count Committees (CCCs) are volunteer committees established by tribal, state, and local governments, or community leaders, to increase awareness about the census.

CCCs lead their communities in promoting the 2020 Census at the local level, between now and when the Census activities are completed in 2020. These committees work best when they include a diverse cross-section of community representatives from government agencies, educational institutions, businesses, religious organizations, nonprofits, the media, and representatives of groups that have been historically undercounted. CCCs are charged with developing and implementing a Census plan designed to meet the unique needs of their communities.

Start a CCC

Want to establish a Complete Count Committee (CCC) in your community? We've got your playbook.

Find a CCC

Want to see if there's a committee near your community to join or support? Explore our roster of existing CCCs.

Statewide CCC

Minnesota’s Complete Count Committee is working to plan and implement statewide strategies for promoting the 2020 Census.

CCC Trainings

Trainings for Complete Count Committees.

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