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General Orders



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District Meeting Schedule         Program Deadlines

Event Calendar

Commander’s Project

2017-18 State Commander Rick’s Project:

All Donations gathered this year will be donated to Minnesota Veterans Homes.

Please watch for special fund drives and announcements for:

·      Commander’s Homecoming

·      ??



Making Donations to the State Commander’s Project:


Make Checks out to: “Minnesota VFW Charitable Association”

Earmarked ‘Commander’s Project’


Mail to:  Minnesota VFW Charitable Association

Veterans Service Building, Suite B5

20 West 12th Street West

St. Paul, MN  55155



Progress Reports

Including Monthly Membership Reports, Audit, Activity, Community Service and Poppy Reports.

Updates through the end of January 2018

1st District Reports

2nd District Reports

3rd District Reports

4th District Reports

5th District Reports

6th District Reports

7th District Reports

8th District Reports

9th District Reports

Reports & Manuals


Commander’s Materials

2017-18 Manuals:

(9 parts)

1.    Amendments & Resolutions Manual

2.    Ceremonial Rifles, Ammunition & Military Equipment

3.    Cross of Malta & Logo Usage

4.    Guide to Protocol

5.    Leadership & Development Manual

6.     Leading Your Organization Trainee Handout

7.    Leading Your Organization Trainer Guide

8.    Officer Responsibilities, Administrative Policy & Procedures

9.    Parliamentary Procedure 101

10.VFW Programs, Leadership Reference Guide

Department of Minnesota:

Congratulations You Are a Post Commander Guide 2017-18

ASPC Points System 2017-2018

Section 218 Reminder- Officer Attendance at District Meetings

Quartermasters (Including Audits)

National Quartermaster’s Manual- 2017-2018:

(4 parts)

Guide Introduction

Guide to Federal Tax Information

Guide to Financial Reporting

Guide to Member Dues & Processing


2016-17 Post Election Report Form


ASPQM Points System 2017-2018



QM Bond Application for 2016-17

(Please Call or Email Hdqtrs)



Quarterly Post Audit Blank Excel File

Quarterly Post Audit Print Version 

District or County Council Audit Report Excel File

District or County Audit Report Print Version

Trustees' Informational Sheet

Membership & Dues

Annual & Life Member Change Request Form MCR

National & Department Dues Table

Post Transfer- Member Declaration Form PT-MD

Post QM Transmittal Form PQMT-01

Post Continuous Member Transmittal Form PCMT

Legacy Life Membership Form

Buddy Poppy

Department Poppy Chair & Aux Roster 2017-18

Buddy Poppy Kit

Poppy Chairmen's Guide- Nat'l

Notice of Poppy Change (8/12/16)

Poppy Promo Worksheet

Information for Poppy Day Volunteers

Poppy Order Form

Anniversary Poppies

(Contact Dept. Office- Available only during your Anniversary Year 25, 50, 75)

Joint Poppy Report Form

J.M. Jorgensen Contest

Citizenship Education

Note NEW Teacher of the Year Deadlines for 2017-18

Teacher of the Year Chair Roster 2017-18

Teacher of the Year Award Manual

Teacher of the Year Award Brochure

Teacher of The Year Forms for Chairmen 2017-18

District Teacher of the Year Reporting Packet 2017-18

Flag at Half-Staff Flyer

United States Flag- Federal Law Relating

to Display and Associated Questions

VFW Flag Disposal Procedure

Veterans In the Classroom Program

Community Service

Community Service Manual- 2017-18

Community Service Record Book Information

Record Book Entry/Summary Form

Community Service Fill-In Form (Excel) as of 7/2017

Community Service Form PDF as of 7/2017

***(includes Hospital and Blood Reports)

Community Service Reports are due by the 20th of the month

following the month being reported

Post Inspectors

Department Club Rules

Control of Units- Section 709

Post Inspection (Long Form)

Bingo and Gambling Inspection Report

Post By-Laws

Articles of Incorporation


Legislative Chair Roster 2017-18



Department: Membership Manual- 2017-18

National: Membership Manual 2017-2018
National Membership Report link

(Your will need your Nat’l Login to access reporting)

Membership Application

Fill-in Membership Application (New-Trial)
Department Recruiting & Brainstorming Book

How VFW Scouting Programs Can Help Your Membership

Department of Minnesota Membership

Pamphlets can be

acquired through Department Headquarters

Publications & Media Relations

Public Relations Guide with Press Kit

Publications Contest 2017-18

Best Feature Story Contest


Safety Contests Deadline Flyer 2016-17

Traveling Safety Report

Bus Safety Award

Master Safety Gold Award Entry Form 2017-18

(3 Programs in One Form)

Youth Activities/Scouting

Youth Activities Chair Roster 2017-18

Youth Activities Event Schedule

Youth Activities Chairman's Guide

VFW Scholarship Program Information

Youth Activities Post Report Form

Scout of the Year Application (Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts)

Scouting Appreciation Certificate

Scouting Team Handbook

How VFW Scouting Programs Can Help Your Membership

Scout of the Year Judging Sheet

VFW Scouters Square Knot Award

Veterans Activities

Veterans Activities Chair Roster 2017-18

Veterans Activities Event Schedule

Voice of Democracy/Patriots Pen

Note NEW Deadlines for 2017-18

VOD District Chair Roster 2017-18

VOD/PP Chairmans Manual

VOD/ PP Chairmen Checklist Bulletin

Judging Form- COMBINED VOD & Patriots Pen

Voice of Democracy Application 17-18 (MN Version)

VOD Post Report Form 17-18

Patriots Pen Application 17-18 (MN Version)

Patriots Pen Post Report Form

DISTRICT VOD/Patriots Pen District Report Packet 17-18


***  (requires Adobe PDF - download at no charge  )