Minnesota's Assistive Technology Act Program
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Minnesota State Plan for Assistive Technology

Attachment 11: Allocation and Utilization of Funds

11.1 Tracking Expenditures

Describe planned procedures for tracking expenditures for activities described in sections 4(e)(2) and (3).

All departments of the State of Minnesota use the same Web based Minnesota Accounting and Procurement System (MAPS) to record and track income and expenditures. A coding system has been developed within MAPS to enable detailed accounting by reporting categories and types of expenditure. STAR will request separate reporting categories for State Level and State Leadership Activities under this grant and will code expenditures accordingly. At any time, a report can be obtained to monitor expenditures to assure that STAR is in compliance with the percentages and budget amounts as per the State Plan. It will be the responsibility of the STAR Director to monitor expenditures on a monthly basis. Indirect costs (less than 5%) are included in the overall budget.

11.2 Proposed Budget Allocations

Attach a budget containing proposed allocations for activities described in sections 4(e)(2) and (3).

The following are proposed budget allocations for State Leadership and State Level Activities for Year 2 of the project. These numbers will serve as an estimate only for Year 3 of this State Plan.

Proposed AllocationDistributionTotal Award Amount $397,860
State Level60%$238,716
State Leadership40%$159,144
Leadership Activities95% (of 40%)$151,186
Transition5% (of 40%)$7,958

Within the above budget, STAR proposes to apportion funds for specific activities in the following manner. However, these numbers reflect a proposal only, and will serve as an estimate only for Year 3 of this State Plan.

State Level ActivitiesProposed Allocation
State Financing Activities$0 (Comparability)
Device Reutilization Program$50,000
Device Loan Program$100,000
Device Demonstration Program$88,716
State Leadership ActivitiesProposed Allocation
Training and Technical Assistance Activities$56,186
Public Awareness Activities$70,000
Coordination and Collaboration$25,000

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