Minnesota's Assistive Technology Act Program
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Minnesota State Plan for Assistive Technology

Attachment 9: Involvement of Public and Private Entities

9.1 Nature and Extent of Resources

Describe the nature and extent of resources that will be committed by public and private collaborators to assist in accomplishing identified goals.

The 2005 legislature appropriated $150,000 to support the Alternative Financing Program. STAR anticipates that the Minnesota Department of Education will help fund the planned transition camp and the University of Minnesota will provide the space to hold it. The umbrella organizations for the Assistive Technology Network donate salaries and in kind resources for their members so that information and referral services, device demonstration, device loan and other AT-related activities occur.

9.2 Mechanisms to Ensure Coordination

Describe the mechanisms established to ensure coordination of activities and collaboration between the implementing entity, if any, and the State.

The STAR Program is an agency composed of state employees located within the Department of Administration.

9.3 Involvement of State Advisory Council

Describe the nature and extent of the involvement of the State Advisory Council in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the activities carried out through the grant, including setting the measurable goals required in section 4(d)(3).

Minnesota's AT Council has played an integral role in developing this state AT plan through regular meetings and discussions on its listserv. The Council met four times before the submittal of this plan to set goals and objectives and to provide advice on how activities are to be carried out. Currently, there is one active workgroup focusing on transition with plans for additional workgroups in each of the state level activity areas. Council members are committed to lending their expertise, knowledge and leveraging resources when possible.

Council meetings are held quarterly on the third Tuesday of the month to evaluate STAR's progress toward the established goals and to offer suggestions for improvement and change. The Advisory Council will review and evaluate the state AT Plan's measurable goals giving feedback and guidance to make any needed adjustments.

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