Minnesota's Assistive Technology Act Program
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Minnesota State Plan for Assistive Technology

Attachment 7: State Flexibility

7.1 Activity

Identify each State-level activity the State is choosing not to carry out.

7.2 Maintenance of Statewideness and Comprehensiveness

Demonstrate that the Statewide AT Program will continue to be comprehensive without conducting this activity.

7.3 Achievement of Measurable Goals

Demonstrate that the State can reach its measurable education goals, employment goals, telecommunications and information technology goals, and community living goals without conducting such activities.

7.4 Coordination and Collaboration

Describe how the Lead Agency or Implementing Entity will coordinate activities and collaborate with entities in the State that do conduct this activity, if the State chooses not to conduct this activity because another entity already conducts it.

This attachment is not applicable to Minnesota's State AT Plan.

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