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Employment Related Federal, State and Non-Profit Programs for People with Disabilities

Federal Programs

PASS (Plan for Achieving Self-Support)

PASS (Plan for Achieving Self-Support) is part of the Social Security Act that may be used to exclude certain income or resources for persons who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) and want to achieve or maintain self-support. Please call 866-667-6032 extensions 10661, 10640 and 10674 to speak with the PASS cadre.

PASS (Plan for Achieving Self-Support)
Social Security Administration
190 5th Street East
Suite 800
Saint Paul, MN 55101-1483

Phone 800-772-1213 to access local Social Security Office

Job Accommodation Network (JAN)

Job Accommodation Network (JAN) is a free consulting service from the office of Disability Policy in the U.S. Department of Labor that provides information about job accommodations, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the employability of people with disabilities. JAN's mission is to facilitate the employment and retention of workers with disabilities by providing employers, employment providers, people with disabilities, their family members and other interested parties with information on job accommodations, self-employment and small business opportunities and related subjects. JAN's efforts are in support of the employment, including self-employment and small business ownership, of people with disabilities. JAN represents the most comprehensive resource for job accommodations available. JAN's work has greatly enhanced the job opportunities of people with disabilities by providing information on job accommodations since 1984. In 1991 JAN expanded to provide information on the Americans with Disabilities Act. JAN consultants have obtained at least one Master's degree in their specialized fields, ranging from rehabilitation counseling to education and engineering. The development of the JAN system has been achieved through the collaborative efforts of the U.S. DOL Office of Disability Employment Policy, the International Center for Disability Information at West Virginia University, and private industry throughout North America.

Job Accommodation Network
PO Box 6080
Morgantown, WV 26506-6080
Telephone: 1-800-526-7234 (V/TTY) in the United States
1-800-ADA-WORK (V/TTY) in the United States
1-304-293-7186 (V/TTY) Worldwide
Calls are answered from 8 AM to 8 PM Eastern Time Monday through Thursday and on Fridays from 8 AM to 7 PM. Machines answer after-hours calls.
E-mail: jan@jan.icdi.wvu.edu
FAX 1-304-293-5407

State of Minnesota Programs

Medical Assistance for Employed Persons with Disabilities (MA-EPD)

Begun in July 1999, Medical Assistance for Employed Persons with Disabilities (MA-EPD) allows working people with disabilities to qualify for Medical Assistance (MA) under higher income and asset limits. MA-EPD is intended to encourage persons with disabilities to work and enjoy the financial benefits of being employed. It also allows more people with disabilities to become taxpayers and reduce their dependence on government programs.

For more information on MA-EPD, contact your county human service agency. You may also contact Beth Grube at the MN Department of Human Services at (651) 297-7139 or Beth.Grube@state.mn.us.

Minnesota State Services for the Blind

Minnesota State Services for the Blind provides a variety of services to children, youth and adults who have a vision impairment. Services vary by age group. Contact SSB for specific services and eligibility requirements.

Pam Brown
2200 University W.
Suite 240
Saint Paul, MN 55114
Phone: (651) 642-0500
TTY: (651) 642-0506
Fax: (651) 649-5927

Minnesota Rehabilitation Services Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Program/ Independent Living (IL) Program/Extended Employment

Minnesota Rehabilitation Services Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Program/ Independent Living (IL) Program/Extended Employment The mission of Rehabilitation Services is to provide services, including assistive technology, to assist Minnesotans with disabilities to reach their goals for working and living in the community.

Diane Mutchler
390 North Robert Street
1st Floor
Saint Paul, MN 55101
Phone: (651) 296-4245
TTY: (651) 297-3900
Fax: (651) 297-5159
E-mail: diane.mutchler@state.mn.us

Workers' Compensation Division of the Department of Labor and Industry (DOLI)

The Workers' Compensation Division of the Department of Labor and Industry (DOLI) administers the Minnesota Workers' Compensation Statutes and Rules. While this program does not directly control funding sources, the phone numbers listed above provide information between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday, on workers' compensation issues, including wage replacement, benefits for loss of body function, and medical and rehabilitation services to persons with a work-related injury, illness or disease.

Customer Assistance Unit
443 Lafayette Road
Saint Paul, MN 55155
Phone: (651) 296-2432
TTY: (651) 297-4198
Fax: (651) 296-9634
E-mail: dli.workcomp@state.mn.us
Web site: Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry

Minnesota WorkForce Centers

Minnesota WorkForce Centers and numerous affiliate sites that make up the WorkForce Center System across Minnesota provide the tools, resources, and services you need for your employment, training, and related workforce development needs.

The 50+ Minnesota WorkForce Centers represent a unique partnership of employment and training organizations that reflect the needs of each community. The WorkForce Centers are nationally recognized for their accessibility and the wide range of services offered. Additionally, workers, employers, students, and those looking for a first job or returning to the workforce will find that nearly all services are offered at no cost. Each Minnesota WorkForce Center houses a Resource Area that operates similarly to a public library.

Affiliate Sites are located at community sites throughout the state where people obtain employment-related assistance and connect people to WorkForce Center services.

Answer a brief questionnaire to help you focus on resources that will best meet your current needs and interests. Learn about resources available at Minnesota WorkForce Centers, such as books, videos, software, and workshops. Find helpful web links.

Background of Minnesota's WorkForce Center System
WorkForce Centers represent a move from red tape to results, focusing on providing information and resources that enable individuals to achieve economic security and employers to successfully compete in today's economy.
Partners and Services - Minnesota WorkForce Center System
The System partners are state, county, and private non-profit employment and training providers. The services listed are offered at all WorkForce Centers and available to everyone.
WorkForce Center Resource Areas
Resource Areas, located in every WorkForce Center, offer a wide range of information, services, and tools for job seekers, employers, and students, at no cost.
WorkForce Center System Customer Satisfaction Survey
Results for the statewide WorkForce Center System, nine jobseeker and youth programs, and sixteen local areas.
Minnesota WorkForce Center
Minnesota WorkForce Center System

Non-Profit Organizations

Lifetrack Resources

Lifetrack Resources helps people to build better lives in the twin cities area through employment services, rehabilitation therapies and early childhood services. Founded in 1948 as Saint Paul Rehabilitation Center, Lifetrack Resources worked with 8,050 people last year trying to develop their strengths and build better lives.

Employment Services assists people to build on their strengths and overcome challenges to achieve their goals. Lifetrack Resources helps people with challenges succeed - people who are leaving welfare, immigrants and refugees, persons with disabilities, people with little or no work history. Job seekers are involved in selecting, preparing for, obtaining and maintaining employment. Lifetrack Resources provides services at four different locations throughout the twin cities area. Rehabilitation Therapies can also be provided at your home if you meet the criteria.

If you have any questions about Lifetrack Resources, please call (651) 227-8471 or e-mail mail@lifetrackresources.org.

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