Minnesota's Assistive Technology Act Program
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Minnesota Statutes

Did you know that a number of Minnesota statutes address the assistive technology rights of Minnesota citizens? To learn more, explore the statutes listed below by topic.


Consumer Protection (Lemon Law)

The statute sections below protect the rights of citizens who purchase defective assistive technology.

Definitions - Minnesota Statute, section 325G.203 Definitions for Sections 325G.203 to 325G.208

Express Warranties - Minnesota Statute, section 325G.204 Express Warranties

Assistive Device Replacement or Refund - Minnesota Statute, section 325G.205 Assistive Device Replacement or Refund

Nonconformity Disclosure Requirement - Minnesota Statute, section 325G.206 Nonconformity Disclosure Requirement

Other Remedies - Minnesota Statute, section 325G.207 Other Remedies

Manufacturer's Duty to Provide Reimbursement for Temporary Replacement of Assistive Devices Penalties - Minnesota Statute, section 325G.208 Manufacturer's Duty

Purchasing School Owned Assistive Technology

The statute sections below address the rights of school districts and the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development to purchase assistive technology used by students.

Purchasing Guidelines - Minnesota Statute, section 125A.58 Purchasing Guidelines

Interagency Agreement - Minnesota Statute, section 125A.59 Interagency Agreement to Purchase Used Assistive Technology Devices

Price Formula - Minnesota Statute, section 125A.60 Purchase Agreement; Price Formula

Accessible Information and Electronic Information (E&IT)

Statute 16E.03 addresses accessibility standards applicable to state technology, software, and hardware procurement, with the exception of infrastructure hardware.

Minnesota Statute, section 16E.03 State Information and Communication Systems


The following statute section addresses testing requirements of voting systems prior to election day.

Testing - Minnesota Statute, section 206.83 Testing of Voting Systems