Legislative News

After a bill is introduced, the chair of a legislative committee to which a bill is referred may request that a fiscal note be prepared on the proposed legislation. A fiscal note request is then assigned to a state agency or agencies that can best determine the fiscal impact. After review, the fiscal note is presented to the Legislature and becomes an integral part of the decision-making process.


In 2014, MSGC completed 42 fiscal notes. Of the 42 bills that required a fiscal note, 11 were passed and signed by the Governor.


HF2295: Domestic Violence Offender GPS Monitoring Act         Completed Fiscal Note

Companion to SF2736 which was approved by the Governor. SF2736 authorized counties to establish pilot projects to use GPS to monitor domestic abuse offenders.

HF2574: Predatory Offender Registration Requirements          Completed Fiscal Note 

Companion to SF2546 which was approved by the Governor. SF2546 modified and clarified predatory offender registration requirements.

HF2576-5A: Criminal Record Expungement Modification          Completed Fiscal Note 

This approved bill modified the provisions governing criminal record expungement.

HF2928: Criminal Vehicular Homicide Technical Bill    Completed Fiscal Note

Companion to SF2571 which was approved by the Governor. SF2571 provided criminal vehicular homicide or operation statute technical amendments.

HF1335-1E: Vehicle Collision    Completed Fiscal Note

Companion to SF1246 which was approved by the Governor. SF1246 clarified motor vehicle collision requirements and change of terminology.

HF1557-1UE: Petition Originating from Criminal Court    Completed Fiscal Note

Companion to SF685 which was approved by the Governor. SF685 required simultaneous competency and civil commitment examinations for defendants.

HF1585-1E: Felony to Include Police Retaliation  

Companion to SF1360 which was approved by the Governor. SF1360  expanded the felony penalty for fraudulent or otherwise improper financing statements to include retaliation against a police officer.

HF1851-1E: 5th Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct Increase    Completed Fiscal Note

This approved bill expanded the felony fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct offense to include under section 2, that an offender can be sentenced up to seven years in prison, if the offender violates clause 1 or 2 within seven years of a previous conviction.


SF1772-1E: 5th Degree Assault Added to Violent Crime            Completed Fiscal Note 

Companion to HF263 which was approved by the Governor. HF263 added felony convictions for fifth-degree assault, domestic assault, and domestic assault by strangulation to the definition of "crime of violence." It also struck vehicle theft and looting, and third-degree burglary. A person who is convicted of a crime of violence is not entitled to possess a firearm.

SF1641-1CE: Medical Marijuana Bill

Related to SF2470 which was approved by the Governor. SF2470 established a medical cannabis registry program.

SF2027: E-Cigarette and tobacco Sale    Completed Fiscal Note

Related to HF2402 which was approved by the Governor. HF2402 was an omnibus health and human services policy bill which included the regulation of the sale and use of tobacco-related and electronic delivery devices.



In 2013, MSGC completed 43 fiscal notes. Of the 43 bills that required a fiscal note from MSGC, five were passed and signed by the Governor.

Exploitation of Vulnerable Adult

House File 90 allowed financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult offenses to be aggregated over a six month period, and venue options expanded.  Completed Fiscal Note

Bullion Coin

House File 157 established regulations for bullion coin dealers, including registration requirements, prohibited conduct, enforcement authority, and civil and criminal penalties.  Completed Fiscal Note

Wildfire Arson

House File 228   enhanced penalties for wildfire arson that damages multiple dwellings, acreage, or crops, and enacts new restriction provisions.  Completed Fiscal Note

Repeat Sex Offenders

Chapter 86, Art 3, Sec.10-Senate File 671 amended Minn. Stat. § 609.3455 to provide for presumptive executed prison sentences of at least 36 months for offenders sentenced for first- through fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct offenses, if the offender has a previous sex offense conviction.

911 Calls

Senate File 1168   creates new crimes relating to 911 emergency calls, provides criminal penalties, and amends Minn. Stat. 2012, section 609.78.  Completed Fiscal Note

Domestic Abuse

House File 1400   modifies the statutory definitions for domestic abuse, and established broader venue provisions for the prosecution of domestic abuse-related offenses.  Completed Fiscal Note