Using the New Electronic Worksheet System

Roll out has begun on the new Electronic Worksheet System (EWS). EWS has been updated to improve data quality and the data entry process has been streamlined for users. EWS will be moved from Classic S3 to the new Statewide Supervision System, so users will need only one password. New features will alert users to decay periods, mandatory minimums, and much more. New EWS will also incorporate case information from the Court (MNCIS), so that users no longer have to enter general offender information, and it will automatically calculate the presumptive sentence. Rollout has begun, with the last locations going live at the end of June. Read more about new EWS in the special edition of the MSGC newsletter. 

Rollout Schedule

Guides to completing each different function in the new Electronic Worksheet System:   EWS

Accessing EWS, Searching for Worksheets, and Begin Worksheet 

'Get Court Case' Function

Completing Offense Information

Copying Priors from Prior Worksheet   

Completing the Presumptive Sentence

Complete guide to the new Electronic Worksheet System:

New EWS Training Manual