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Minnesota Supplemental Investment Fund

The Minnesota Supplement Investment Fund (SIF) is a multi-purpose investment program that offers a range of investment options to State and other public employee groups. Participants may allocate their investments among one for more funds that are appropriate for their needs and are within the rules and eligibility established by the participating plans. The SIFs are structured like a family of mutual funds.

Participating Plans of the Supplemental Investment Fund

Plans Administered by the Minnesota State Retirement System (MSRS)

*Information about these plans can be found at https://www.msrs.state.mn.us/ or by contacting MSRS directly.

Plans Administered by the Public Employees Retirement Association of Minnesota (PERA):  

*Information about these plans can be found at http://www.mnpera.org/ or by contacting PERA directly.

The State Board of Investment (SBI) is the Reporting Agency for: 


Minnesota Supplemental Investment Fund Prospectus (excluding the SVFRP)

The SBI publishes an investment options prospectus for the Supplemental Investment Fund on a yearly basis after the end of the fiscal year. The SIF Prospectus provides information regarding the Supplemental Investment Fund and the investment options that are offered in the Fund.

2018 Supplemental Investment Fund (SIF) Prospectus

Factsheets for the Investment Options in the SIF Other SIF Reports
Broad International Stock Fund U.S. Stock Actively Managed Fund SIF Unit Values
U.S. Stock Index Fund Balanced Fund SIF Benchmarks
Bond Fund Money Market Fund  
Stable Value Fund