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The Minnesota State Board of Investment (SBI) established the Non-Retirement Funds to provide certain Minnesota public sector entities the opportunity to invest in one or more of, a U.S. equity fund, a U.S. bond fund or a money market fund to facilitate the achievement of its investment objectives.  The funds are available to those non-retirement entities that are authorized to invest in these asset classes with the SBI. 

The SBI has published an investment prospectus for our non-retirement investors. 

2019 Non-Retirement Fund Investment Prospectus

The Non-Retirement Fund Investment Prospectus provides information on the Non-Retirement Fund investment options: Non-Retirement Equity Fund, Non-Retirement Bond Fund and Non-Retirement Money Market Fund; and procedures for non-retirement entities authorized to invest with the SBI.

Listed below are the non-retirement entities authorized to invest in the SBI’s Non-Retirement Fund(s):

Please ensure that you refer to the appropriate section of this prospectus for your organization.  In some cases, your organization may have more than one type of non-retirement account with the State Board of Investment.