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Local Volunteer Fire Relief Associations

Local Volunteer Fire Relief Associations that are not eligible to be consolidated with Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA) may invest their own assets with the State Board of Investment (SBI) through the Supplemental Investment Fund (SIF) funds.

Accessing Your Plan’s Account:  Follow this link https://www.your-fundaccount.com/msbi/ to access your plan's account online.

Investing with the SBI:  Local firefighter retirement plans wishing to invest with the SBI may use the SIF for all or a portion of their pension assets.  Please note that under State law, assets in your general account may not be invested in the SIF.  Local plans have complete discretion in determining the amount invested in any eligible account(s). (See Minnesota Statutes Section 69.77,subdivision 2(g) and Section 69.775.)  

Letter to Local Volunteer Fire Relief Associations Local Fire Relief Participants in the SIF

Local Volunteer Firefighter Relief Procedures

Relief Association Contact Form Relief Association Wire Instruction Form Relief Association Transaction Form
SIF Unit Values SIF Benchmarks Audit Memo RE: GASB 72 Leveling

SIF investment options available to Local Volunteer Fire Relief Associations are:

Broad International Stock Fund – Factsheet U.S. Stock Actively Managed Fund – Factsheet
U.S. Stock Index Fund – Factsheet Balanced Fund – Factsheet
Bond Fund – Factsheet Money Market Fund – Factsheet

*The Stable Value Fund is not available Local Volunteer Fire Relief Associations because it is a non-qualified plan.

Please see the 2018 Minnesota Supplemental Investment Fund Prospectus for more information about the SIF and the SIF investment options.

If you would like more information on the SIF, we would be glad to discuss it with you.  Please feel free to contact Shirley Baribeau at 651-296-6875 if you have any questions about participating in the Minnesota Supplemental Investment Fund.