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Telephone Discounts

The federal Lifeline and state Telephone Assistance Plan (TAP) programs provide monthly telephone service discounts on one landline or wireless telephone per household.

Qualifying households located on Tribal lands may receive an additional discount on activation charges through the Link-up program.

There are several landline and wireless service providers authorized to provide these telephone service discounts to income qualifying households to promote universal service.

What do the programs provide?

Landline providers offer discounts from both the federal Lifeline and Minnesota's Telephone Assistance Program. The combined credit applies to one main home telephone number listed in the applicant's name. Lifeline subscribers also may receive free long distance blocking on their landline telephone. Additional benefits are available to person living on Tribal Lands/reservations.

Am I eligible?

Telephone service must be in your name and you must show proof that you, or a member of your household, participate in one or more of the qualifying programs or you meet the qualifying income guidelines. If you choose to qualify based on your household income, you must attach one of the income qualifying documents to your application.

Wireless Providers

Wireless Providers offer special Lifeline discount plans to qualifying customers. Some plan options offer free phones. Not all wireless companies offer Lifeline discount benefits. The approved companies and their contact information are listed below.

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When I become ineligible?

When you no longer participate in any of the qualifying public assistance programs or you no longer meet the income guidelines, you must notify the telephone company that you are no longer eligible for Lifeline or TAP.


If you have questions about these discount programs or the application process, contact your local telephone company.  More information about the federal Lifeline program can be found at Federal Communications Commission.

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