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Standard Products (BUY-IT)

Streamlined purchasing of state standard products.


What is BUY-IT?

Standard Products:   The right products     •    The right price    •    Less hassle  

Streamlined purchasing of standard products helps provision IT faster...and saves significant dollars in the process.

Minnesota BUY-IT is a program that offers simplified standard products purchasing for hardware, software, and other IT products at highly advantageous rates. 

When you purchase standard IT hardware using specially designated state contracts, you’ll leverage the combined buying power of Minnesota’s state agencies, local governments, educational institutions and other government entities.  

BUY-IT is managed by the Office of Enterprise Technology in collaboration with the Department of Administration/Materials Management Division.

BUY-IT also manages master state contracts for professional technical staff to government organizations.

For more information see IT Products and Standards program information.




 Who is eligible to participate in BUY-IT?

  • Executive branch agencies (required to purchase standard hardware and software through this program)

  • Cooperative Purchasing Venture (CPV) members including, but not limited to: counties, cities, school districts and higher education.

Questions about CPV membership or participating in BUY-IT? Contact your account manager today. 



See standard product offerings that include:

  • Personal Computers:  Desktop and laptop

  • CD monitors:  Standard 17- and 19-inch monitors, plus 19- and 22-inch wide-screen monitors.

  • Servers:  Tier 1-4 plus blade. Xeon, Opteron, PowerX & SPARC.

  • Storage:  External devices for data storage, retrieval and archival purposes, such as disk arrays, SAN, NAS, optical and tape.

  • Multi-function devices (copiers)

  • IP telephone systems, routers and switches:  Cisco, NEC, and Nortel contract information.

  • Audio/Visual Equipment:  Projectors are currently offered; watch for upcoming product additions.



See standard software offerings to see standard software offerings that include:


  • IBM DB2
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle database

Data center management

  • BMC
  • IBM Desktop tools
  • Adobe Fleet management
  • Maximus

GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

  • ESRI

Security (End Point – Anti-virus plus)

  • McAfee Symantec Trend Micro

Security (End Point - Encryption)

  • Checkpoint/Pointsec

Cell Phones

Find more information about cell phone equipment and service plans.

The State of Minnesota maintains standard contracts with three vendors to provide cell phone service to state entities: Alltel, Sprint and Verizon.