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Enterprise Project Management

Microsoft Project 2007 helps you manage and organize your projects from beginning to end.



OET provides project management tools that help you handle individual projects and sets of related projects.

The Enterprise Project Management (EPM) service allows Microsoft Project Professional users to use Microsoft Project 2007 and SharePoint to share project information. The Project Web Access (PWA) interface offers powerful browser-based tools to help you centralize and manage projects from beginning to end.


Features & Benefits

Enterprise Project Management

  • Create project plans
  • Assign tasks helps
  • Effectively manage resources
  • Streamline communications and processes 
  • Control critical performance factors
  • Project Web Access (PWA) allows team members to manage tasks, track time, update projects and generate reports
  • OET Service Desk support 24/7
  • 200 MB of storage per user

Getting Started

Talk to your Account Manager about how you intend to share information and collaborate during the life of the project. Because many users already have SharePoint access, the incremental cost of Enterprise Project Management could be a very cost effective solution for your project management needs.


  • SharePoint MOSS 2007
  • Microsoft Project Pro software

Contact your Account Manager    Visit the MN.IT Mall for more information



  • Enterprise Project Management (EPM) is priced as an add-on service for OET SharePoint. EPM users must purchase the OET SharePoint service before adding on the EPM service for $2.70/user/month.

For more information about pricing, see the current Rate Schedules.