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Static Web Hosting and Activation

Security. Reliability. Just a couple of features of the static websites hosted on OET servers - customized with "" domain names.



OET servers host more than 60 static websites for state government entities, using Apache web server software. With OET's hosting services your website will benefit from fast content delivery, a custom URL and maximum uptime.

These manually updated websites have a secure, reliable web presence and URLs ("") customized for Minnesota government entities.

Static web hosting activation is the process of moving completed web pages, documents, and scripts onto a production web server.  Because each static website can have unique requirements, activation steps can vary.  Refer to the Features and Benefits and Getting started sections for more detailed information on activation tasks.


Features & Benefits

OET can assist customers in establishing a domain name, setting up an account for uploading web content with secure file transport protocol (S-FTP), and reviewing scripts designed by web developers to enhance the site.

On an ongoing basis, OET can offer the following features for static web sites hosted at OET:

  • Information architecture
  • Integration with Enterprise search
  • Statistics on site visits with "WebTrends" reports
  • Firewall protection
  • Real-time vulnerability monitoring
  • Monthly Internet Security System Scans
  • Hosting in redundant data centers for maximum uptime

Getting Started

Contact your Account Manager about getting started with the Static Web Hosting Activation service.

Contact your Account Manager    Visit the MN.IT Mall for more information



This is a designed service, please contact your Account Manager for pricing details.

0 – 50Mb stored onsite  $10.00/month
51-100Mb stored onsite  $35.00/month
101-350Mb stored onsite  $75.00/month
351Mb+  stored onsite  $100.00/month

For more information about pricing, see the current Rate Schedules.