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Migration to Dynamic Web Hosting

Whether your content source is static, web, document or another dynamic service, OET can help you activate a state-of-the-art web dynamic website.



This service covers the process of migrating existing content from defined sources (static web, documents, other dynamic services) into an activated SDL Tridion web site.

Migrating to dynamic web hosting is the process of mapping static site content and existing document collections to templates within the SDL Tridion web content management system.  This process typically involves the services of an experienced Information Architect.  Normal activities included in content migration include scripting processes that recognize document meta data, style elements, keywords, etc. and storing that information in specific content collections associated with website templates.


Features & Benefits

OET uses powerful content recognition and migration tools within the Kapow product. This product provides advanced tools for allowing data extraction from one website, transforming it into a new format, and pushing it through input forms into a second website. Automating this process can save countless hours of tedious copy/paste operations as you move to a dynamic web hosting environment.


Getting Started

Work with OET's web design professionals to define your content migration needs and select the best combination of tools and processes for your needs.

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This is a customized service. Please contact your account manager for pricing details.

For more information about pricing, see the current Rate Schedules.