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VPN Access Service

Encrypted, secure access to applications and servers for users working remotely.



This service provides encrypted access across Internet connections to State applications and servers for the worker on the road. 

Authorized users can gain secure data access to agency servers using Cisco Virtual Private Network (VPN) from an agency-owned personal computer.  VPN access service provides two-factor authentication using RSA tokens and a shared Cisco VPN concentrator structure on MNET.


Features & Benefits

  • Minimal configuration required by the agency's technical staff.
  • No additional cost for licenses or infrastructure.
  • AES 256 encryption RSA technology.
  • Provides non-routable addressing for better security.

Getting Started

Talk to your account manager about your users' data access needs. They'll need to know details such as the amount and type of data your users need to access and where it is currently located.

Contact your Account Manager    Visit the MN.IT Mall for more information