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Threat Management

Manage information security threats and vulnerabilities before they become incidents.



This vital part of the Enterprise Security Program protects all aspects of the State's infrastructure. 

Every layer of your organization's network is monitored, tracked and analyzed through central management tools. Alerts, updates and aggregated logs give you a head start to minimize threats. 

This services also includes mitigation recommendations and common policies and standards.  When combined with a security monitoring service, Threat Managment delivers high visibility security information and actionable data that can help keep your information safe and secure.


Features & Benefits


  • Monitoring of intelligence sources to keep abreast of foreign and domestic events.
  • Communicates security information to customers about issues that may not be classified as vulnerabilities, but still carry potential impact.
  • Information on enhancements or changes that can provide added security for your system.


  • Appropriate parties have threat information in time to react and prevent damage.
  • Threats are tracked and reported in a manner that assist in analysis, mitigation and management.

Getting Started

Contact your account manager for more information about how Threat Management helps to keep your systems secure.

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