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Forensics Services

Stop unwanted activity, limit damage and prevent recurrence.



Computer and Data Forensics is a standardized process that determines the cause, scope, and impact of incidents that may be used in legal or human resource actions.


Features & Benefits


  Security professionals will:

  • Manage security incident case assignments and the security investigation process with a need-to-know basis.
  • Mobilize emergency and third party investigation and response processes, when necessary.
  • Consult with system owners to help quarantine incidents and limit damage.
  • Consult with HR on violations of appropriate use policy.
  • Communicate with law enforcement, when necessary.


   Business issues addressed:

  • Customer specific incidents.
  • Denial of service.
  • Security policy violations.
  • Malware.
  • Physical loss/theft/damage.
  • Unauthorized access.
  • Unauthorized alteration/destruction.
  • Unauthorized disclosure.

Getting Started

This is a utility service provided to the executive branch.  For more information about using this service, contact your account manager.

If you are experiencing a security incident and need assistance, please login to the MN.IT Service Desk.

Contact your Account Manager    Visit the MN.IT Mall for more information