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Continuity of Operations Plan software application

OET provides access to a powerful continuity of operations planning application - the Living Disaster Recovery Planning System (LDRPS).



LDRPS is a web-based continuity of operations software that is centrally administered and managed to provide secure, standard and cost efficient business continuity planning for Minnesota's state government organizations.

This powerful software application helps you build a customized database of essential information for a complete, fully integrated continuity of operations plan.

LDRPS contains information common to all state government, so your work is streamlined. You only need to add information that is unique to your organization.

LDRPS can also include recovery plans and procedures, documents and detailed records needed to maintain your essential business operations.


Features & Benefits

  • Access to a powerful, centrally managed application at significantly lower costs for staff, software and hardware.

  • Web-based application, so it's easily accessible from anywhere, anytime.
  • A highly available system assures access to your information when you need it.

  • Value-added off-site storage provides additional disaster recovery security.

  • Training and user workshops are held four times a year so your employees have the right information at the right time.

  • Complements OET's Technology Recovery Solutions and Technology Recovery Testing services.


Getting Started

LDRPS is a utility service provided to executive branch government entities.  Contact your account manager for more information about using this service.

Contact your Account Manager    Visit the MN.IT Mall for more information



If you are interested in this service, your account manager will work with our security staff to coordinate a customized solution that meets your organization’s unique needs.

For more information about pricing, see the current Rate Schedules.