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IT Consulting

Get the support you need for strategic planning, technical and project management from OET's professional IT consultants. 



OET offers different skills and levels of consultation for your organization, from broad strategic project management to specific technical experts. We can help with policy research, development and strategic planning. We also have IT system architects, network designers, and project managers for projects of any size.


Features & Benefits

You get the benefit of our skilled professional staff to make sure your IT systems and projects are planned, built and implemented successfully. Professional Service levels include:

IT Specialist  (ITS 2)
  • Team Member (Project Management)
  • Consultant to users
  • Restoration of service and equipment
  • First Level Support
IT Professional  (ITS 3)
  • Small/Mid Scale Network, design and technical analysis
  • Project Management (small/mid size project)
IT Advanced Professional (ITS 4)
  • Project Management (mid/large projects)
  • Large Scale Network Design and technical analysis
  • Introduces and incorporates new technologies
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Implementation of major projects
IT Senior Professional (ITS 5)
  • Project Manager (complex projects)
  • Long range planning
  • System design of architecture and structure
  • Technical Advisor/Mentor
  • Improvement system management
  • Develop, establish and monitor change, recovery and fall back process.
  • Product Management
IT Architect (System Architect)
  • Long range information architecture plans
  • Network and economic model design
  • Technical Management
  • Liaison between designers and data base managers

Getting Started

Contact your Account Manager for more information about how our professional staff can help your business.

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