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MNET Dedicated Connection

WAN services use Minnesota’s Network for Enterprise Telecommunications (MNET), a shared statewide managed IP network using leased line circuits.



Services are available to MNET (Minnesota’s Network for Enterprise Telecommunications) users which include state agencies as well as public safety, educational and local government organizations. MNET users can subscribe to a set of WAN services, customized to meet the business needs of the organization.

Features & Benefits

  • Shared procurement and management of access circuits
  • Shared Services of WAN devices allows for lower incremental costs
  • Leveraging of the state’s wide area network infrastructure, MNET
  • Internet connections with high capacity, high availability
  • Intranet connections with fault protection, security, confidentiality
  • Centralized shared service infrastructure and skilled technical staff 
  • The OET Service Desk can offer support 24/7

Getting Started

Please contact your account manager about getting started with this service.

Contact your Account Manager    Visit the MN.IT Mall for more information